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2016 Best of Omaha

Dump Trailers

Our Dump Trailers make transporting and moving your mulch,top soil, fill dirt, compost, river rock and aggregates easy and convenient.

EZ Dump Trailers

EZ Dump trailer - For a minimal fee, you can use our EZ Dump trailers for 2 hours with the purchase of mulch, top soil, fill dirt, compost, river rock or aggregates (NOT available to rent). EZ Dump trailers can be used for more than 2 hours (the same day) if there is a purchase in excess of what the vehicle can carry at one time and multiple trips are required.
  • Mulch trailers
    • 4 yard and 6 yard trailers - can be carried by smaller SUV's
    • 8 yard and 10 yard trailers - can be carried by larger SUV's and trucks
  • Dirt / Rock / Dirt trailers
    • 3 yard trailer - requires a 1/2 ton truck or larger SUV's
    • 5 yard trailer - requires a 3/4 ton truck or larger
  • All of our EZ Dump trailers are equipped with a tarp to hold product in and a hydraulic lift system to dump product out.
  • Maple 85 will provide the ball to use with your truck to make sure the correct size and drop are used.
    • Vehicle MUST be equipped with frame mounted hitch and proper trailer wiring for lights
    • NO bumper hitches will be accepted
Trailers MUST be returned to Maple 85 by the end of each business day for insurance purposes. No overnight rentals are allowed.
$19.95-$29.95 (depending on the size of the trailer)