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We are now closed as we just sold out of bulk salt. We do have more trucks of salt coming in later today (1.24.20). We will re-open as soon as we have salt back in the bins. Please watch for that post. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you to everyone that has come in over the last couple of days.


Aggregates & Edgers

Estimated coverage:

  • Aggregates – 100 sq ft per ton @ 2″ depth


3/4″ Minus Crush & Run - Great as a paver base for retaining walls or under new concrete.
$35.00 per ton OR $0.018 per pound
1/4″ Clean Limestone Chips - Great for back fill.
$59.00 per ton OR $0.030 per pound (OUT OF STOCK)
Pea Gravel - Works for landscape projects, drainage and walking paths.
$77.00 per ton OR $0.039 per pound
Sand - Great for landscape projects, sand boxes and volleyball courts.
$29.00 per ton OR $0.015 per pound
1.5″ Clean Limestone - Works great for driveways, road base, septic systems, walkways and drainage solutions.
$67.00 per ton OR $0.034 per pound
1″ Clean Limestone - Uses include road base, driveways, pipe bedding and in new construction.
$67.00 per ton OR $0.034 per pound
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Cubic Yards: