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We now have bulk salt back in stock and will be opening today (1.24.20) from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or while supplies last). Please make your way in during those hours if you're in need of salt for your properties. Thank you and have a great evening and weekend!!

Winter Salt & Gravel

We have large supplies of salt and gravel ready for contractor use during winter ice and snow events.  Contractors also benefit from our quick notification alerts via our website banner or Facebook page stating when we will be opening for any incoming winter event.  To ensure easy access, our salt and gravel yard is open before the storms hits, during the storm, (day or night) and after the storms exits.

2019 – 2020 Winter Price Sheet


Salt and Sand

Salt - 100% highway salt
$107.00 / scoop (NOW IN STOCK)
Salt / Gravel Mix - 50% Highway salt; 50% gravel mix
$70.00 / scoop (NOW IN STOCK)
Sand / Gravel Mix - 60% sand; 40% gravel
$30.00 / scoop (NOW IN STOCK)
Premium Grade Contractor Ice Melt (50# bag) - * Sodium Chloride enhanced with liquid treatment * Non-tracking green colorant for better visibility * Increased melting power to -15 degrees * Top quality premium fines for best spreading techniques * Lasting residual effect * Reduces effects from corrosion (when used as directed w/ label) * Increases quality of snow removal
$10.95 bag OR $438.55 ($8.95/bag) per pallet (NOW IN STOCK)